Adding Folder within Destination Folder if File Exist

I have a 4 different FileSource with 4 different FileDestination. I am trying to create a folder with todays date within FileDestination if files exist. But it keeps on creating folder even though other FileDestination is empty.

Thank for your help!

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Hi @Kelsey_Dane, Welcome to the community

Are you checking the file directory before creating the folder.

Something like this Directory.GetFiles("<directory path>").Count > 0

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Nithinkrishna, Thank you! Thrilled to be here.

Yes i did, i used if statement activity. Still it creates folder in Destination Folder.

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Hey @Kelsey_Dane,

I guess there should be something related to the GetDirectory part.

Could you please print both length values in logs before condition check for debugging.

Let me know, Thanks :slight_smile: