Adding a column in existing excel

I have an excel sheet in which i have 2 columns(Column 1/ Column 2) .and i am extracting a value from application
i.e. Var1 ( Int 32).
Now i want to add a column in the existing sheet(column 3) and want to use the formula
column 3 = column(2)/var1…


Use the write cell activity with a formula.


As @KarthikByggari said, you can use write Cell activity.
Other options are,
-Create a Marco and run that Macro on the file.

-Calculate and Use write range:

  1. Read excel data and add it into a datatable, dtData.
  2. Add a column into the datatable using activity, AddDataColumn
  3. Loop through each row. Calculate the column 3 value and update the value in column3.
  4. Update the value in excel by using Write Range Activity.

Hi Abhishek
Main.xaml (9.7 KB)