Add User to Group activity in ActiveDirectory

Can anyone help me on how to use ‘Add User to Group’ activity?


Please reply. Its bit urgent

Hi @nithya.sankar

First get the distinguished names using get object distinguished names activity if you have the relavant access.

Else if they are static directly get them and place them as inputs.


Hi @Anil_G
I am using Azure Active directory activities also.
I have tried to add a new user to existing group using - ‘Add Member to Group’ activity.

But for that I am getting error like below:

The input for this activity is:

Here GrpDtls is a variable of type ‘Group Info’ which is output of ‘Get Group by Name’ activity
UseDtls is a variable of type ‘UserInfo’ which is output of ‘Get User’ activity.

Can you please check this and tell me if I am adding anything wrong and how it should be?

My objective is to add a user to a group in which he is not a member already.
Can I do that using ‘Add member to Group’ in UiPath.AzureActiveDirectory.Activities?
I have the Client ID, Client Secret and TenantID to connect to Azure Active Directory.

Hi @nithya.sankar

You can do that .everything what you did looks correct except the error says the group is either locked or is not accesible or is being modified already. That seems to be wierd here

Found a thread on the exact same error


I am not getting a proper solution in this… :neutral_face:

Is there any other way to add a user to a group?