Add the column in to data table

Hi , i am trying to add the specific column to another excel sheet ,which is having already data columns in that.please help me
thanks in advance

Your trying to pass one whole column to another excel sheet?

Use add data column activity


But its only creating a empty column. i need to append every time specific data column

You can first take that entire column into a datatable as mentioned below. Then write that data table which contains the column to the required excel.


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Or use read column to add to other sheet

In excel1-Column1, Column2,Column3,Column4
In excel2-Column1,Column2
Now i need to add the column 4 from excel1 into column3 in excel 2(As last column)

yes you can write to the specified column in the write range activity after you take the column you want to paste.

But i dont want to specify the Column range in write range , because every day i want add the column as last column

then you can specify in the index as (datatablename.columns.count+1).

Okay vishal, Can you please help me that where should I specify the index

to extract the data column you can use assign activity and put datacolumnvariable=datatablename.columns(“columnName”)
then use the add data table column activity and pass the data column variable as input .:slight_smile:

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Thank for your rply vishal, i tried as u instructed, but it replace with old data.i want old data column and new data column