Add Row Problem

hi team,

I have a stream that saves web documents and need to write to Excel the hour and date
that he was downloaded.

Includes after the Salvar PDF the Excel Scope to add in a new column the date and time each file was downloaded but it is not working.

should enter in column “E” row 8 the date and time
should enter in column “E” row 7 the date and time

Can someone help me

Extract.xlsx (8.9 KB)

What problem you faced .??
Have any error you get??

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Hi @KMota Could you try to explain better what are you trying to do … and what is your problem?

In fact, nothing happens. the date and time are not writings and flow stop

Are you using Add Data Row to add a row in the excel? well I guess thats is your problem. You should use Append Range instead. Let me know is that works for you.


I don’t know how to apply or append range to my stream so I needed to search and found this code

Instead of dt_InsertData I need to write the current date and time and I don’t know how

You are doing good. As you wanna write the date in that cell instead to put the Datatable you should put the data that you wanna write in the excel. In this case should be the actual date and time right?


Yes,that’s right but the argument is incorrect

I Tried

DateTime.Now.ToString but cannot be converted

try with write cell activity …

the write cell was able to pass the data parameter and the current time, but I’m having trouble reading range

I had to insert the excel scope there stopped working the read range

8 hours of my day and nothing to make it work lol :rofl:

but that was working right? Do you have your excel close or open?

it was working,

I’ve checked and it’s not open


is you issue resolved mam???

I was trying this … see if this works for (20.7 KB)

I believe this will work, but I’m past my hour lol

Tomorrow I will try to include in my code and I say if it worked

thank you @carmen

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Hello @carmen, I was allocated to another project yesterday, but I just tested the suggested code and worked perfectly. Very happy lol … thank you very much

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