Add Queue Item takes too much time

Hi Team!
I have an issue and need help as soon as possible. I have a datatable having bulk of items in it. I try to upload them using Add Queue Item activity. But it takes too much time to upload them. I think it should take max 1 min. But it takes too much time for client to wait. All suggestions & hints are appreciated regarding how can we minimize the issue.


Have you looked at Bulk Add Queue Items ?

It takes a datatable and adds all rows as queue items and sets Status to ‘New’

Yet not, but I look at it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Shall I use this activity inside a foreach loop as we do with Add Queue Item activity, or shall it be used as a standalone(without any loop)??

When this activity is executed not all the items are uploaded successfully. It uploaded almost 30% of items and then showed error: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352. Can anybody suggest me why am I receiving this error?


Should be used outside for each as it should do that automatically. Also make sure the datatable is complete and the data is valid no null vales etc

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah I used it outside the foreach loop. But it gives error: job terminated with error: [error-code]. Actually I have a very large Excel file having around 73k rows. I converted it to CSV for easy datatable conversion. But when I upload some of the queue items from this datatable it gives error mentioned above. I will welcome all the possible suggestions/clues.


I assume that is the issue as the datatable may be too big to handle / pass as argument.

My other suggestion would be to break down your datatable into smaller datatables first then loop through those?

Can you try just take the first 1000 rows and use the bulk add queue items activity to see if that works first.

Thanks for the suggestion. I try this!

Ok will you please suggest me how can I split the very large datatable into smaller datatables using uipath?? Is there any activity(custom or another) through which it can be possible?? Or some other custom logic should be implemented?