Add password to Excel file

Hi - I am creating an excel file as an output to my process from a stored, formatted template excel file. Can I create a final version of my file that is password protected?

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you will use Excel application scope with password protected and then add write range activity in excel application scope.


I don’t want to put a password on my template file. I would like to add a password to a file output from the process. Can the bot add a password? Otherwise I will just have user do it manually.


Bot add password on output file.

use excel activity scope , add path for your output file, add password from property.


Hi Sunil,

Can you elaborate on the suggestion above? Are you suggesting I re-open my output file using Excel Application Scope and then apply a password through the properties? This does not work, it seems like the password properties are only for files with existing password. I would like for my automation to add the password for me, is it possible?

Hi @dgreen,

In the below package is have activity called “SetPassword” to set the password to the excel file.


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