Add orchestrator queues from external source using API

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i have a question :
Can be uploading Items into a Queue from an external source (eg Chrome) using Orchestrator API?
Popolate the queue from Orchestrator, not using Studio, but use the API?

I read this documentation but didn’t help me much

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Hi there @Viorica_Marga

yes it is possible, I am pretty sure studio also does the same thing when used as an activity.,

As of now I dont have a workflow but using the API is shown here in detail

and check this thread on how to use it and what not to do after you get your token - Authenticate fails for Orchestrator API

May I ask why you want API through code rather than a simple activity?

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Hi @Viorica_Marga

As already mentioned, it is totally doable.

See here for the swagger definition site:

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Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

thank you for the information .)