Add Multiline Excel Row data to Queue

Hi All,

I have to add multiple line data excel row to Queue as per below:
Such as first column is ID and there are col2 and col3
eg: Id value in col 1 & its corresponding column col2 has multiple values

I have to add Queue data for one transaction,
as ID->Col 2 (Value1) ->Col3(val1)
->Col 2 (Value2) ->Col3(val x)
->Col 2 (Value x)

*[row count of col2/ col3 is not fixed]

For more clarification kindly refer attach excel.


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Try with below for your reference

Check below link for your reference

Fill Col1 Reference

As above prepare the datatable let’s say Dt1

Hope this will help you


Thanks @Srini84, actually I want to add the data to queue and for each transaction there will be one id and its corresponding elements.
eg: Queue data will be…

ID : 102
Col2: 2365465 , 4764
Col3: 266532, 53473