Add 'Maximum Loop Counter' as optional argument to While and Do While activity

Almost every While/Do While I’ve ever created has utilized a separately created loop counter to ensure it does not get stuck processing in an infinite loop. (e.g. While MyCondition OrElse LoopCount < MaxLoop). It seems like adding this in as an optional integer argument would be beneficial as it is easy to get caught in an infinite loop without adding this.

If an integer is provided, it will loop until condition is reached or the number of times looped reaches that integer. If no integer is provided, it will loop until condition is reached regardless of how many times it loops (aka how it currently works).

Something similar can already be achieved with the Retry Scope activity. You have a condition as well as a maximum number time to retry.

If you don’t supply a condition, a retry loop will start over when it encounters an error. Do errors within the loop cause it to start over if you supply a condition? That’s a bit of a dealbreaker since it also obscures where the error comes from (it says the error is due to the retry attempt being exceeded rather than the activity causing the retry to occur).

But if the activity does behave differently when supplying a condition vs no condition, then that would be a good replacement instead of a Do While loop but not the same as a While loop since it runs the code before checking the condition. However, I’d wonder what the point of the Do While loop is in that case, if the retry scope is exactly the same?