Add JSON data to DataTable

I am trying all the time to get the information(Hours,Firstname,Lastname,project) from my json file and store it in a datatable between. Can someone help me? thanks in advance

Assumed the retrieval is working

  • on top of the XAML prepare an empty datatable with the build datatable activity and configure the needed columns
  • use add datarow activity for adding the data to the datatable within the for each after the Multiple Assign activity

Hi, do you mean build data table after the deserialize json array activity? My retrieval with Http request works and I get a json with a lot of information. but I only need these 4 infos.

make it on begin at the xaml

like this?


feel free to adopt the column datatypes


Thanks for the help, but I can only see tablename…

yes, as we do not log out a datatable content in this way

  • in general we do debug and inspect the result

the content of a datatable as string representation we can use the output datatable activity

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: It works!

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