Add Image In Excel

I am extracting data from a web page and saving it as an Excel spreadsheet. As of now, I’m having trouble extracting images from the web and inserting them into an Excel file.

I would appreciate your assistance, Thanks in Advance


what website is it? if its a public website can you give us the URL ?

also are you having issue inserting image to excel or saving the image?
for saving the image just use take screenshot activity + save image activity

if your issue is at the adding image to excel stage, let me know. I’ll give you the vba snippet to do that

Here is website below

I want add each image in excel file cell wise.

Hello @Joy_Ballav1 , Welcome to UiPath Community.
You Can Use ShortCut ti insert the Picture.
Trty this

  1. Use Excel applicxation scope with Write cell activity and mention the sheet name to add the Pictures.
  2. Use the Send Hotkey in this scope and key as ALT+nzipd (It is for Excel 2021 version, Based on the excel version the shirt key may vary. Press ALT and navigate as per the letter indicated on the Menu bar)
  3. Use Type into Activity and Indicate the Insert image pop-up and pass the Path with the file name and click ok or enter as a shortcut.