Add data to data row without over writing

Hi Everyone !

Can anyone please tell me how o add data to data row without over writing the data table ,

I have data table with name “dt” with 3 columns (div,stat, reas)

Im inputing the values to the data table from 3 different places
like eg: from one place : (alabama , processed , email not found )
second place : (america , unprocessed , div not found )
third place : (Africa , processed , NA)
, could you please let me know to enter the data to data table with out oer writing for each loop

Hi there,

Maybe you could have 1 DT with the values that you dont wanna erase and other DT with the values that you want to insert in the first DT.

So once you have them, use Merge Datatable activity with source the second DT and destination the first DT.

Hope you understand friend.

PD: you will need 2018.2 version or post version I guess (dont know if its the .2 or 2.2… 2.3… but in older versions you wont have this activity)


testttt.xaml (12.0 KB)



Hi @Pablo_Sanchez
can it be done in simple steps ?
I dont have the mentioned version sadly .

Dont know how… Maybe pasting DT1 values into excel, then pasting DT2 following data excel and get an Excel output as DT … but dunno… I guess I would try to update and merge de DT’s