Add Data Table to Slide

Hi All,

I’m trying to add excel data table to power point slide.

Error: Add Data Table to Slide: Shapes (unknown member) : Integer out of range. 81 is not in the valid range of 1 to 75.

Workflow: 1. Use Power point Presentation 2. Add Data Table to Slide

Kindly help asap.


HI @devanand.1292

Can you share the workflow screenshot?


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Hello @devanand.1292 ,

It seems that the maximum number of rows/columns that can be added into a table in power point is limited to 75. This limitation is given by the Microsoft PowerPoint, and not by UiPath.


Hope it clarifies your issue!

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@devanand.1292 ,

As a workaround, you could:
a. split your datatable into smaller datatables which have a maximum of 75 rows/columns, or
b. attach data as excel file within your PowerPoint presentation, or
c. convert your datatable into an image, and insert that image in PowerPoint

Of course, other workarounds might be applied. You should see exactly what fits your needs.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you. I will break the DTs and try the same.