Add Data Row not working

Hi, below is my workflow


The orchestrator log has shown that it has successfully written the first and end log. But when I check the excel its supposed to write into, nothing was added.

Hello @inyourgravity ,

It looks like you want to try reading the data from one DataTable[ExpiryFilDistDt] and want to Add Rows in the new DataTable[logDt].

You might be getting the error ‘This row already belongs to another table.’


  • ‘Build Data Table’ activity to build a new data table [logDt],
  • ‘Invoke Method’ activity and use ImportRow method of the Data Table.

Please find attached workflow. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (12.5 KB)


May I ask why no exception was thrown at all if the "this row already belongs to another table’ error occurred?

& is there any other way than directly importing rows, cause the datarow that I want to create in logdt is actually different from the rows in ExpiryFilDistDt

Hi @inyourgravity,

Thanks for sharing above screenshot. If you will use Build Data Table activity and mention columns which are required for logDt and then For Each Row → Add Data Row. It will definitely add rows to the logDt. Please find attached workflow which is working fine at my end. If it’s still not solving your problem, Request you to share your workflow so I can investigate more.

Main.xaml (12.3 KB)