Add data row error lambda expression

I also have this problem, and I use the way that keeping the window-legacy that can be worked as usual.


If u use more than 16 different variable in any assign or add data row activity you will face this lambda expression issue.

To fix this, you can add your variables in two different list variables. And add into “add data row” activity based on list index.

List1: 16 variables
List2: balance variables


For this you can try to assign to different array and then concatenate them and pass it to the add data row.
Pass arr3 in add data row.


hi @loginerror Any update on this


Have you tested this, does it work in the same manner?

yes this is working.

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If you have converted your project from Windows legacy to windows then use this expression(divide your variables in two parts assign one part to arr1 and other to arr2
and then concat and use arr3 variable in add data row it will work.)

Shesherao Patil

Just a small update. The latest System 23.4 should have this issue fixed.

I am Facing the same issue in Studio 23.4, Is there any update on this?

I can see the issue still persist with 23.4 System

Hi @lakshay.verma

What Studio version are you using? I’m afraid that the fix to this issue was actually a Studio side fix and not just the System package. This means that the latest Studio version should have it fixed, and also the latest patch to the older Studio versions.

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Hi @loginerror,

Business is using 22.10 at the moment.
Because we are using a cloud VM, the patch won’t work, and we can only update the studio in this scenario.
Thanks for the update though.

I rebuild the sequence after keeping update to the lastest version of UiPath studio . It can work now .Well Done !

@rahul.kumar @shesherao.patil I need to add all below variables in datarow


How can I add it in CONCAT method you suugested, Can you please help me

@rahul.kumar If I assign datarow value in Concat method you suggested .Please refer the below

Assign Arrayrow= {(string_TicketNumber.ToString).Concat(string_Customer).Concat(string_ProductCode1).Concat(string_ProductCode2).Concat(string_ProductCode3).Concat(string_ProductCode4).Concat(string_ProductCode5).Concat(string_ProductCode6).Concat(string_ProductCode7).Concat(string_ProductCode8).Concat(string_ProductCode9).Concat(string_ProductCode10).Concat(string_ProductCode11).Concat(string_ProductCode12).Concat(string_ProductCode13).Concat(string_ProductCode14).Concat(string_ProductCode15).Concat(string_Notes).Concat(string_TicketURL)}

I am getting the same error message

Hello @rumabharathy ,
Hope you are doing great.
you divide your string items into 2 arrays and then concat those arrays. for example:



and when you need to write it in the data table pass arr3 in the data table to write.

Hope this Helps you.

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Thank you all for the response.

I will check!

Hi @rumabharathy

Did you try the above mention method?

Yeah, it worked.


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