Add data from one table to another having different column names

Hi Team,

I have 2 data table’s. First data table is having data and the columns are given below

Employee ID Legal Name Employee Status Manager Level Employee Group Employee Subgroup
123 A1 Active L1 G1 S1
124 A2 Active L2 G1 S1

I need to move this data to another table and the columns of this table. This table will be blank

GEID, Legal Name, Employee Status, Effective Date

Where GEID = Employee ID, Legal Name = Legal Name, Employee Status = Employee Status, Effective Data = 30 June 2021(Default Value)

In Short, 3 columns can be copied among which 2 columns have same header another column have different header and 4th column to be added wit default values…

Please suggest

Hi @Deeipauk

Please try this

  1. Read first excel file and store it in datatable (dtTable)

  2. in Assign dtTable = dtTable.defaultview.totable(false,“Employee ID”,“Legal Name”,“Employee Status”)

  3. Drag and drop add data column activity ,give column name as Effective Date, dtTable as datatable and on property default value give "30 June 2021’

  4. In assign dtTable.columns(“Employee ID”).columnname = “GEID”

Use write range and pass sheet name and datatable (dtTable)


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Thanks for your reply. I used “Import Row” and over written the un matched column it worked for me. :slight_smile: