Add bulk queue items

I have stored 10000 records in the dbtable (Stored in database) called(InvokerTable) and i have to push them into the orchestrator queue. Since there are 10000 records i am using add bulk queue items to push… but i need to split the items into two i.e first 5000 item in a one go and another 5000 in another go. I need to loop this one by one…

How to achieve this?


use dt.asenumerable.take(5000).copytodatatable

Then dt.asenumerable.skip(5000).copytodatatable


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Thanks Anil.

Should i use this run command?


Use it in assignn activity with dt os left and these expressions on right

Dt is the datatable where your data ia present


Hi Anil,

I am getting below error… Can you please brief the steps… i mean what next after Sorry i am in learning phase… So couldnt grasp it soon


This si how you will gvie it…No inverted comma needed

dt , dt1 and dt2 are datables

dt is the input table

dt1 will contain first 5000 records and dt2 will contain the remaining

Hope this helps


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Thank you Anil

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