Add a value to a datatable row

Hello everyone,
I use read range from excel and store it in REDT
then I use for each row to do some operation to this data.
AND then I have some comments to restore to the REDT–column11
Does anyone know how to restore data to the REDT for each row of it.

Thanks in advanced .
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Hi @ChangShuang
Use add data row to add values before that create a build datatable activity

Ashwin S

Hi @ChangShuang

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You can add thru Datatable and write it again to excel or you can directly edit the excel

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Hi, Thank you for your reply.
my excel range is like this.
and I use for each row activity to upload each row to a system
and at after each case I need to leave a message in the comment column to tell status.
how can I update the value in the data table I read.

Hi @ChangShuang

Update the datatable and write it on the same excel after the loop