Activity to close open excel in studiox

Hello, everyone.

I am planning a process to transfer the attachment of the mail received in Outlook to a Google spreadsheet and then return the result of the spreadsheet processed by function to the mail.

The process currently being worked on is as follows.


The problem at hand is, we’re going to save the result of applying the function in the Google spread sheet again, which is existing.An error message appears that the xls file is open and cannot be saved.
To this end, I would like to add an activity that ends the Excel window after reading the value, but no matter how much I look for it, I can’t find such an activity.

→ Excel-related activities do not come out even if you search for activities with ‘close’.

Please help me.
Happy RPA!

Hi @jaeho_hyeon,

Try using kill process and in the process name pass “excel”. This will close all the excel files that are currently open.

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