Activities use

Can someone pls tell me how to use activities like what logic we should consider as I belong to fashion and want to change my field. I am learning UiPath but just want to be more clearer.

Also using arguments and variable logics.

Hi Taruna,

Activities are pre build logic blocks which you can use in your code. If you are new to Uipath, I would recommend watching some videos on basic logic building concepts.

A good idea would be write your logic on a paper/notes in sequences and then try to replicate in Uipath.

Lets say you want to copy some value from web page to notepad, you need following logic -

  1. Open webpage
  2. Go to website
  3. Check what you want to copy
  4. Copy that value
  5. Open notepad
  6. Paste that value

Now in Uipath Terms -

  1. Open webpage (Use Web activities - Open Browser)
  2. Go to website (Web Activity - Navigate to Page)
  3. Check what you want to copy (Use Web Automation activity - Element Exist)
  4. Copy that value (Get Text)
  5. Open notepad (Invoke Process)
  6. Paste that value (Type Into)

Hope this helps.

Hi Dear,

Thanks for explaining me and it really helps.

Best Regards