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Getting error while running bot on Community edition for the second time post OS 2010 installation, I did select Community Edition but still continue to get error

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Hi @Dsavanur

This could help you buddy


Hello @Dsavanur

it happened to me, i just unistalled it and installed the newest version of UiPath from cloud web.

Hope this help!

I could have but will miss out all the Robots that I have created till date :thinking::thinking:

Well kindly try with this suggested by uipath

But still if you want to try with the reinstall of uipath studio it will not affect the xaml files that is the workflows that you have created so far…we are just going to uninstall and reinstall the software buddy…make sure that all the xaml are in separate folder apart from the relative path of software before uninstalling it
Cheers @Dsavanur

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