Acess Downloads Folder



Good afternoon, I’m having trouble accessing the downloads folder on my desktop.

The process consists of downloading a file from the browser and entering the downloads folder to rename the files.

UiPath Studio version 2018.1.1

I need to open an excel file which gets exported on the run of the automation in the Download Folder. How do i do it in Uipath?

Hello @AbnerLojacorr,

The activity GetEnvironmentFolder gets the path to the specified system special folder.

If the download folder has not been renamed you can get its path with Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.UserProfile)+"\Downloads" or

For more information, please go through this link:



Hi @AbnerLojacorr,

@Susana correct me if i am wrong

Environment.CurrentDirectory can save a file inside the project folder also.

always better to save a file inside your project



Hi @arivu96 :slight_smile: ,

Environment.CurrentDirectory gives the current execution base path (the project folder) but as far as I have understood @AbnerLojacorr is having trouble accesing the downloads folder.



yes you are right but always better to use in our project folder right.

exactly correct…
Thanks @Susana


Good afternoon,

I tried all the options reported, but none of them solved my problem. I am in the testing phase and using the free version of the application, can this affect?



Exactly @Susana, this is my problem!


See my workflow i have created a dynamic path for reading a recently downloaded file from download folder
Readcsv.xaml (118.9 KB)