Access to Main.Xaml is denied

Hi ,
Has anyone faced the issue on Windows 10, while running the bot, it says-
Access to path ‘c:\User<UserName>.nuget\packages<botName>\version\lib\net45\Main.xaml’ is denied.

Are there any know issues, could someone suggest any solution please.

I’ve already logged a case with UiPath technical team, however they say its an IT issue and could not provide a solution to this.

We had 4 bots running on windows 7, as we migrated to windows 10 on a new machine, we migrated the bot packages to windows 10. Activated the license, deployed bot and run the bot.

We face the below issue: Access to path ‘c:\User<UserName>.nuget\packages<botName>\version\lib\net45\Main.xaml’

Any suggestions please @loginerror

This type of issue is indeed typically related to the permissions of your particular machine in its environment.

One test you could do is whether you can actually access the folder with the robot account, but manually.

However, to resolve it, you will need to double check the folder permissions in your environment.

Yes this is a permission related issue. However i found a solution for this.

Let me explain, the pattern, it was noted the all the folders and files in .nuget/Uipath/bot folder had permission however only .XAML files did not have the access rights.

Solution : Remove the bot folders from the ,nuget package and install them again via the robot tray. This did a fresh deployment of the latest package and the permission issue was resolved in the subsequent run.

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