Access denied to '.local\nuget.cache.backup'

Access to the path ‘C:\Robot\Develop{project name}.local\nuget.cache.backup’ is denied…

Did a project using a user and then tried to access it using a second user (Windows Server 2016), any idea if the problem is from UiPath or actually access right on the server itself? As normally I would get a popup asking me for admin credential if it was the server… Both user are admin on the server.

  • I don’t actually have the right to edit the server config, that why I rather ask here first to see if it might be about UiPath before making a request to change the server configuration.

Hi @MaxyArthes

Well, technically the .local folder is auto-generated every time you open the project based on the machine you open the project on. I think it’s a cache of available packages for the machine/user to speed things up.

It should be okay to simply delete the folder before moving to another user.

For example, whenever I create a sample for the Forum, I always skip the .local one in my zip packages.

Hi @MaxyArthes,

This problem usually occurs when you update/activate new version of windows. Please make sure if the new user has admin rights or not . Take backup of your project then add this backup to the new user with all the admin rights.

Hope it would work.

I’m using a Windows Server to make the file available to multiple users, if I first open the studio as admin, I can open those file without any problem, would that cause a error in the code tho if I do that? as corrupt something or whatever.

This would suggest that users simply don’t have permission to access the packages files on the machine which are used to determine the content of the .local folder (which is a cache of available packages).

If it works as an admin, it means that generating those .local files should work for all the other users (because then Studio can read it instead of trying to access other directories).

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