Accelirate Softech Pvt Ltd - Automation Architect - Pune - India - Full Time

Job title: Automation Architect
Job role: Solution Architect
Country: India
City: Pune
Company name: Accelirate Softech Pvt Ltd
Employment Type: Full Time
Seniority level: Senior more than 5 years

Job Description:
Automation Architect is responsible for leading implementations of Robotic Process Automation of business processes and providing technical and process leadership for an assigned team. Responsible for gathering process documentation based on business requirements, provide scalable specialized solutions using Robotic Process Automation, develop Robotic Process Automation Solution, deploying RPA bots, test and maintain RPA solutions, and log analytics, visualization and dashboards while leading and guiding RPA developers on assigned projects given by the Client Engagement Manager in charge.

Lead RPA Engagements for Accelirate

•Provide a superior level of experience and knowledge of Robotic Process Automation Platforms (UiPath, Blue Prism, Assist Edge or Automation Anywhere) solutions and associated methodology to support colleagues through all phases of the delivery lifecycle.

•Lead the creation and ongoing refinement of an appropriately tailored Framework that provides the optimum platform for rapid and repeatable delivery of automated processes within the company.

•Provide architectural control over solution designs to ensure consistency and continuity across the company’s delivery teams.

•Provide advice and guidance on best practice and development techniques

•Identify and communicate the technical infrastructure requirements for implementation of RPA platforms.

Gather Process Documentation based on business requirements.

•Interact with the project stakeholders to gather requirements & business needs

•Understand & asses the key objectives and business.

•Identify new process opportunities and accurately analyzing and estimating new processes, quickly assessing feasibility.

•Identify and communicate technical infrastructure requirements for implementation of RPA platforms.

•Document specifications based on business requirements.

•Map business process based on requirements.

•Participate in integrating activities for successful implantation and support of project efforts.

•Ensure proper analysis of problems and programming approaches to prevent rework and schedule slippage.

Provide scalable specialized solutions using Robotic Process Automation.

•Identify process scope based on business requirements.

•Identify Key Areas were the automation will be created for.

•Design Robotic Process Automation solution in accordance with standard platform design principles and conventions.

•Document Solution workflow.

•Create keystroke Level document which populate the Level 6 detail design of the AS IS and TO Be Process

•Create and document test procedure scenarios.

•Update solution in a regular basis, based on Business feedback and process changes

Develop Robotic Process Automation Solution.

•Install Core UiPath software components, including Orchestrator, Control Tower, Developer Studio, and Front and Back Office bots.

•Determine and install all prerequisites for UiPath orchestrator such as elastic search and Kibana

•Build Solution boilerplate, including getting any access required in the process.

•Gather any documentation (templates, configuration files) necessary in the process.

Develop web services API integrations with other systems.

•Create visualizations, Dashboards in Kibana

•Write complex queries with joins and aggregate and complex and efficient Stored Procedures that deals with large amount of data in Oracle and SQL.

•Create Business facing presentations to engage enterprise solutions.

•Develop new leadership level dashboards.

•Conduct daily engagements and utilize dashboards.

•Build and manage the distribution of push reporting.

•Create ad hoc reports to users in Tableau by connecting various data sources.

•Generate Tableau dashboards with combination charts for clear understanding along with Data blending implementation on databases and generated interactive dashboards.

•Generate Dashboards with Quick filters, Parameters and sets to handle views more efficiently along with publish Workbooks by creating user filters so that only appropriate teams can view it.

•Develop complex calculated fields for the business logic, field actions, sets, and parameters to include filtering capabilities for the dashboards, and to provide drill down features for the detailed reports.

•Work with engineers to communicate the data architecture required for dashboard design and backend data development.

Job Requirements:

•At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field and relevant work experience.

•5+ years of professional work experience in computer software development or related field.

•Comprehensive and evident understanding of Microsoft Technology (VB .NET, Windows, Internet Explorer, SQL Server, Web Services)

•Sound understanding of .Net System objects such as DataTables, String, Integer and collection objects and the ability to manipulate these objects

•Understanding of Windows Credentialing, Remote desktop , Infrastructure, and Virtual environments.

•Basic understanding of software deployment and prerequisites.

•Ability to write VBA or VB.NET code to create scripts to automate any actions that may not be available or possible within the automation platform.

•The ability to methodically solve business and technical problems using innovative and well-planned approaches

•The skills to design and author well documented, supportable and extensible developments and the ability to support and maintain the work of other consultants, partners and clients

•The aptitude to contribute to the evolution of methodologies and procedures in a controlled manner to continually improve a rapid and repeatable delivery channel

•Good communication skills with the ability to present technical details to a non-technical audience.

•Good written skills with the ability to produce clear and concise documentation

•The ability to work with a structured and methodical approach, combined with an enquiring mind.

•An understanding of, and a willingness to adhere to, formal change control procedures and disciplines.

•An aptitude for problem solving, with the ability to take a logical route to the source of an error.

•Experience leading a team of 5+ peers.

Special Skills:

•2+ cumulative years of Experience with Robotic Process Automation software platforms such as UiPath

•Sound understanding of the various components of Specific RPA software Platform e.g. UiPath Studio vs Robot vs Orchestrator

•Advanced understanding of Activities in UiPath such as PDF Manipulation activities, UI Manipulation activities (Click, Set Text, Select Option), Data Scraping activities (Native, OCR, Table Data Scraping including multi page tables).

•Advanced understanding on how to use native code within UiPath using invoke code activities.

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