About the UiDesign of the "UiPath Update Required" dialog when the OS language is French

Hi everyone.

Our company is small, but we work in three languages: English, French and Japanese. So the terminal of UiPath Studio is also trilingual.

Today UiPath Studio was showing 23.4.2 update dialog in terminal. There is no problem with the design of the dialog in English and Japanese, but in the case of French, if the wording of the notification and the wording of the button label are in French, the sentence will be longer than in English or Japanese, so “Later” button is cut off in the middle. For example, if it is long, I thought it would be better if the button display was not cut off by changing the display control to 2 lines instead of 1 line. How are you all doing? Do you have something similar in other languages?


Best Regards.

Hi @patent-atanaka,
I informed the proper team about this bug. It should be addressed in one of the future updates. Thank you for noticing it.