About LTS version

  1. what is the lates version of LTS now?
  2. what is the "end of main stream support " and "end of extended support " of the latest LTS version?

I want people from UiPath to help to reply this?

Hi @wija

Does this page helps you get the answers?

that page say, the latest LTS is 2019.10.4 but i can’t find download link for the .msi installer. Only version 19.10.5 download link is availlable.

Then I think you found a bug on the page to be fixed :slight_smile:

But in general, it’s just the patch version that is higher. The LTS concerns the major version, thus just the 2019.10, including all the patches which are released as part of said long term support.

ah i see, based on this link https://docs.uipath.com/releasenotes/docs/platform-2019-10-6

the latest LTS is 2019.10.6 that bundled in 2019.10.5 installer right?

if true, can u tell me what is the "end of main stream support " and "end of extended support " of the latest LTS 2019.10.5 installer?

This depends on the product. From what I can see, Studio latest version is 2019.10.5. The link above is to the summary of the entire platform, and it can be that only some products were updated in this patch version.

For example, if you click 2019.10 under Studio, it will show you all available Studio versions (with 2019.10.5 being th latest patch for that major version.

About the other post - Automation Cloud o my provides links to the latest available installers. For older versions, you will need to contact our Technical Support.

This is the latest LTS for download right?

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Ok, thanks. But if possible i want to know the exact support date of the 2019.10.5 could you help me to get info regarding this version like in the https://www.uipath.com/legal/trust-and-security/legal-support/product-lifecycle

I think it is the same as 2019.10.4, it’s just that it is not bumped on the page. The support levels only concern the first two numbers of the version. :slight_smile:

oh ok then. Thank You

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