Aastate of Ok button in Excel is now behaving differently, need help

I have a complex excel Bot in production and it performs a filter operation on a column like below:
Note: I can’t share actual code code. But screenshots are similar to actual code.

Sample Excel

I want find aastate of following OK button when it is disabled

I am using following activity

Earlier it was returning aastate as “unavailable” and everything was fine.
But Now it is returning “default, focusable” in both cases if it is disabled or enabled.

How I can know whether this OK button is in Disable state?
(I am using UIPath 21.10)

Note: I couldn’t find help for this in any previous topic.

in both the cases it is returning different values

unavailable, default - if no match found
default, focusable - if match found

It is returning “default, focusable” in both cases for me.

What is the version of your UiPath.Excel.Activities? I am using v2.12.3

See output, its default, focusable


Update your selector and try.

<wnd app='excel.exe' cls='Net UI Tool Window' />
<wnd cls='NetUIHWND' />
<ctrl name='OK' role='push button' />

unbelievable, I only added 5 second delay after typing #N/A and got correct value