5 Ways RPA & AI Position Businesses To Succeed Now & In Future | UiPath

Bobby Patrick is chief marketing officer (CMO) at UiPath.


In conversations I’ve had with business leaders, it’s clear we’re entering the next phase of business in this ‘new norm’businesses are looking forward to determine how to be better prepared for crisis, optimize operational efficiency, and adjust to ongoing cost pressures. We’ve moved past the initial panic of quickly pivoting to a remote workforce as a response to the pandemic, but now every organization needs to understand what other business pivots will be required to remain successful in the future.


I recently shared a short list that executives should be thinking about when considering how to move forward in our rapidly changing business environment. I had so many people reach out for more information that I’m sharing my thoughts here. Spoiler alert: Automation is going to be key to your organization’s success.


Whether just beginning to implement RPA or scaling existing automations, savvy executives are making automation a top priority and are thinking holistically about automation across the enterprise.

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