2D array of uipath to Excel VBA

그림과 같이 vba에서 UiPath의 2D 배열을 호출하고 싶은데 아래와 같은 오류가 발생합니다.
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here you have an example

Dim myArray(2, 2) As Integer
myArray(0, 0) = 1
myArray(0, 1) = 2
myArray(0, 2) = 3
myArray(1, 0) = 4


how to solve below problem?
“Specified array was not of the expected type.”

Change type of

As Integer

That’s not my point.
My qustion is How do I pass a two-dimensional array variable to the invoke vba parameter value?


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In you macro you declared it as string…so either change that…

Or change the 2D array into string using seperators and then use the separators to create the array in your macro again

Hope this helps


Is there any way to directly give a 2D array as a parameter value within the UiPath?