22.7 Document Understanding Public Preview

We’re happy to share with you our latest work - all the bits & pieces coming together in our 22.7 release :jigsaw:

Migration to .net5 cross-platform
With this release, we’ve finished our efforts of migrating the packages contributing to the Document Understanding functionality to .net5 cross-platform, enabling their usage on linux robots :penguin:. We’ve migrated everything except for Omnipage, for which the linux support is currently missing and will come in a future release.

Capability enhancements :nut_and_bolt:
Besides the above, we’ve made several improvements to our existing capabilities :dancer:t2:
With the newest release of the Digitize Activity, one will have the UiPath Document OCR preselected as default OCR engine - allowing user to just adjust the engine if needed & easily get up & running using our own.
We have also worked on exposing the CJK OCR as service - having it now available for usage both in Studio as well as in the Data Manager.

Finally, in order to be able to gather more usage data when it comes to users performing Validation Operations in Action Center, we now report the following when working with the Create Validation and Classification Actions Activities:

  • AssignedToUser
  • CreatorUser
  • DeleterUser
  • LastModifierUser
  • CompletedByUser

Besides the above, we’ve improved the Validation Station, reporting the confidence score for each table entry, and the digitization algorithm by fixing reported bugs :bug:

Please do check out our newest release & help us improve providing your feedback either on the insider portal or directly in Studio, as seen below:


Wow this is super awesome… Lot of super important fixes and updates!!! Awesome work guys… Gonna test this today!!


Thanks for continuous update UiPath Team

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