2. Issue with chrome browser not able to correctly parse the link from outlook email in prod envirnoment

After successful UAT on test server and promoting the code on Prod server, our process is failing at a situation where bot is trying to access 2 SharePoint links from email body to download 2 Excel workbooks. While coping the link from email body, we are appending &download=1 at the end of SharePoint link so that as soon as bot hits the link in chrome browser, file gets downloaded. 1 file is downloading fine whereas facing issue while downloading other file. When we see the Exception screenshot, chrome browser had 2 tabs open

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Can you please share the email body in HTML or saved in Zip

Hi ,

Thanks you.

it’s in email body. reading email body as a string and taking each line of string by splitting with new line character. after that extracting SharePoint link in that line.

As you dont have shared the body , so my assumption is , this link has HTML text and actual http link is inside html, so check that in mail body extraction link text is coming or URL text is coming.

Better if you can zip the sample and share.


mail body looks like this , url i am extracting as url text.