Zipping files


I am trying to zip the file using invoke method Create from Directory but under target type i am not getting System.Io.compression.ZipFile option what to do next?
how can i get it.

Hi Aamir,

Check this page for help on zipping files using Invoke method.


Hi Rahmatullah,
I checked this already but didnt understood what it wants to say.
Could you please help me exactly what needs to be done i am not able to understand from here.

Hello there,
Download nuget here and add it from package manager.

You need to add a dll reference to the assembly, “System.IO.Compression.FileSystem.dll” - and ensure you are using .NET 4.5 (since it doesn’t exist in earlier frameworks).

Check This link for more information (Remark Section):


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Hi Aksh,

could you please help me in adding this dll file i dont’t know how to do it i have gone through the solution but i am not getting how to add this.


i have downloaded this ZipAndUnzipFile.Activities.1.0.0.nupkg17 (4.6 KB) file but when i am trying to install this nudge package it is telling me how you want to open this file.
what i need to do next?

Your not suppose to open the file directly.
Follow these instruction (see the section : Adding Your Own Packages)


According to my understanding what i understood is i have to download a nudget which i have already downloaded and its there in my download folder and then i need to go to ui path and go to manage package and have to do right click on it select configure sources and then click on + and then add that nudget but when i am clicking on that + and browsing to add that nudget i am not getting that nudget file.

almost there :slight_smile: .You just has to pass download folder not .nuget file.(it will fetch the nuget files inside that folder)
Just select download folder or you can keep that file in any other separate folder and then browse that folder(not the file).(then it will reflect in activity panel)


i have installed the package successfully but still not getting that option

You get inbuilt activity with it.
Search zip in activity panel.(it just ease you job writing invoke code)

Yes i got a zip File activity and how to use this activity.

in the source file path i think i need to give the folder which i want to zip and in the destination folder i think i need to give any path and will it create that path automatically or i need to create that path first.

You just has to pass the folder path in source and in output pass destination path name. That’s it.
Eg: SourceFilePath: “D:\Folder”
DestinationFilePath: “D:\”


Thank you so much for your help just a small problem i have two folder name Digital and Pricing inside the path D:\Backup Files. i want to zip these two files individually with todays timestamp but the problem is when i am doing Directory.getFiles(" D:\Backup Files") and trying to read the folder name its not showing it. i think it does not show folder name then how can i see folder name.

Hi @aamir,

Here is the activities for zip and unzip the files with password.