Using the Java Activities Pack: Example Not Working

I am trying to run the example workflow included at the bottom of the page here and it is not running properly. I get passed the Java Scope activity, so I believe the path to the JDK is correctly appended to my PATH environment variable. The error I am getting occurs in the first Invoke Java Mathod. It is saying that “The method could not be invoked.” And if I click on the details button it tells me “The target type was not found” I don’t understand what the problem is, I question whether or not this example even works for anyone else. I also don’t understand what Objects.jar is being referenced in the Load Jar activity. This .jar file does not exist anywhere in what is downloaded from the “About the Java Activities Pack” page. Please advise, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @cvent978

Thanks for lettings us know!

Is it possible to get an updated example that works? I think there is significant value in utilizing Java within automations. My colleague had a client scenario in which she had to use values from a Java method, and she was able to figure it out but it would be great to have a simple point of reference from UiPath. :slight_smile:

Hi @cvent978

Could you give it a try now (please re-download the example) and let us know? It should work now! :slight_smile:

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Yes all good now, thanks for the fix!

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@cvent978 Can you please share the example, How did you use this java activity .

Got the example.


can you please share the same example for me.

@sunilraju please refer following link having detailed explanation


Thanks for sharing.

Hello All,

I tried this example and unfortunately, for me it doesn’t work, I have the same issue as in this forum.
Can you help me?