Update json value

I need to update the value of a key (for example : customerName depends on the customer so it has to change everytime)
Thank you in advance

Hi @dhouha.cherif ,

Take a look at the below :

Let us know if the above methods doesn’t help and provide us with more details on the Structure and Key to be updated for the Json.

i’m sorry but i did not understand what should i do

@dhouha.cherif ,

As I have performed the assignment of value in the immediate panel, we could also do the same using an Assign Activity :

I have got the data or the Structure of Json from another post of yours which seems to be in line with this post or a Duplicate :

Check the workflow Sequence image below, After the Assignment of value to that key in the Json Object the value is updated we could see it from the immediate panel. We use immediate panel /Debugging mechanism for faster displaying of results.

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It worked thank you very much

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