UiPath installation error

I am not able to install uipath studio in my laptop.
I have used it once and abruptly it’s shows me the error and when I tried reinstalling it, it says installation has failed.
Can anybody please help me with it

Can you paste the setup log here.
From the screenshot we can’t figure it out.

Here is the solution:

I tried deleting uipath folder in appdata.
after that when i start uipath, it gives me the following error.Capture2


Can you please help me with this …as i am still not able to download the uipath studio.
I have tried your solutions and still not downloading uipath.
Kindly help me with the same.


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Hi Ovi,

I need your help.I am learning Uipath .I had trial version on my laptop but it has expired now and I am not able to install community edition. Can you please reset my device Id.

Device ID: WXPmr08y3CzLnOaqnZzz

Hi @Nj42671

See here

For further queries you can also contact our licensing support.


Facing same error even after deleting UiPath folder and i don’t have McAfee antivirus

Hi, I get the below error message

How can I fix it?

Hi Ovi,

I tried Installing Uipath community edition and I was getting same error as Priya got. I tried deleting Uipath folder in %localappdata% and re tried but still no luck, same error. I appreciate if you can help me.


Please uninstall the mcafee or any antivirus Related to it and then restart your system and try to again install it .
it work in my case.

same issue

Hi @Bunny_G

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Please see here:

It is most likely the solution.

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thanks ,
it work with me:blush:

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Hii , I tried but I don’t have any kind of virus. But still facing the same issue.
Can you provide the steps to resolve this issue.
I’m using windows 10 64 bit pc

Hi @Komal_Prajapati

Do you happen to use McAfee antivirus?

No I don’t.

But it is showing this error

Could you please have a look at this topic which will guide you on how to perform a clean installation? :slight_smile:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues