UiPath enable user-machine mapping option in modern folders can not be found in Orchestrator V2020.10.4


I would like to know whether enabling user-machine mapping feature is supported in orchestrator Enterprise version 2020.10.4 or not?

If yes, so how can I activate it, as I can not find that option in the tenant settings page.
If not, Starting from which orchestrator release the feature was supported?

Screenshot is uploaded from Community edition orchestrator.

Hello @Mohamed_Adel ,

Digging through orchestrator documentation, I saw that this is available from March 2021:

Some more info here:

I hope it helps.


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Hello @wasea ,

Ofcourse it helped and thanks for your prompt reply.
Do you know when is it expected to include this feature on On-Prem Orchestrator?

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Any idea when it’ll be available for on-prem installations?

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