The Invoke Method activity is throwing this error when passing the arguments

I’m using the Invoke Method activity to add data to dictAB, but it’s throwing this error. What could be the reason? I also encountered the same error when using the Assign activity.

Hi @shenyu

=> Initialize the dictAB variable first with below syntax:

new Dictionary(of String, List(of String))

=> After that in Invoke code under TargetObject give this:

dictAB.Add(rowB, rowAList)

Hope it helps!!

“I have already initialized the ‘dictAB’ object.”

Hi @shenyu

Please check on this thread

I hope it helps!!

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Just pass the values in the 2 argumnets

For arguments pass the value as rowA
For second arguments pass the value as rowB

Dont use expression in the arguments of invoke code


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Thank you very much, the issue has been resolved.

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