Storing SQL Queries as assets in UIPath Orchestrator

I have a SQL Query with some functions that I want to store as an asset, so I can pass it to a SQL Server for execution. The idea is that it can be edited by a user from time to time, so storing it as an asset is a good way to allow this.

The problem seems to be that Orchestrator assets cannot store SQL Code with functions like CONVERT(), CAST, CONCAT() and so on as the TEXT asset is checked at time of save.

Is there a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance…

Mike Palmer.


Welcome to forums

Create a Text assets and paste your query

It might be the character limitation also

Check below for your reference

It should create, can you share a screenshot if you are getting any error?

Hope this will help you


Thanks @Srini84 for the suggestion - I have amended my query, and CONVERT() works!

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