Split DataTable Based On Number Of Rows

Hello All,

There is datatable with 1lakh Plus Rows.

I want to split that datatable based on number 10000.

For example If I have a datatable with 25000 rows. After Splitting it the output has to be 3 datatables with 10000,10000,5000 rows.

My work : I was able to create a list of datatable but i am unsure of splitting the datatable based on a specific count. Any help would be appeciated.

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Have a look here:

And starter help for the returned tablelist

I am sorry but I didn’t quite get that. can you please elaborate each step clearly that needs to be followed in uipath. so that it would help.


Can you have a Look at the shared xamls?
In one of the links also an explanation on the approach is given