Simple Json Parsing a specific value

Hi there.

I’d love to have some help here.

I’m trying to parse a json like this:

{“timezone”:“UTC”,“serverTime”:1664284439,“Date”:“2022-09-27 13:00:00”,“distance”:{“Values”:“54567954,50166144,51358108,54300970,58183307,45790616,39092278,56470072,47141967,55403643,53378233,53659547,55158908,55158908”}}

And I just want to retrieve the last value “55158908”.
This is dynamic because every minute a new value will appear. My problem is not the iteration of the process. Is just the parsing of that last specific value that is annoying me.

If someone could help me here, I will be very grateful.

Thanks in Advance


we can do

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@Tracerecart first get these values and store it in testVar


And then use


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