Run a job using Orchestrator API

Hi, I’m new to the UIpath, I’m trying to run a job using Orchestrator API but I keep getting error…I already try all the steps to get the access token using the consume API step and I already use that access token to run job api but keep getting error…please help…

hi @LeeShin

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Please follow the step in the given link to run a job from orchestrator api.

Achal Sharma

actually, I already follow the steps in the link…but I kind of stuck when trying to run a job as you can see in my screenshot above…

what error you are getting?

400 bad request…just this, so I’m kind of stuck…besides, I’m afraid this related to I use the uipath free version…

You get the access token from Consuming Cloud API right.

Have a look at the below thread @LeeShin

yes, I am

Thank You for the sharing, this clarify what I have to do…Thanks

I am facing same issue. @LeeShin please help

To this problem I change to and it found…