Rounding to two decimal places, to the nearest 0.05

Hello :robot:
I have a column containing employee salaries of type Double
How do I round to two decimal places and to the nearest 0.05

Examples of the results
260.09326 == 260.10
276.36523 == 276.35
320.84132 == 320.85


Hi @Muneer_Alrashdan

Hi Alrashdan,

You can refer to the below file for the rounding of numbers and convert it to close to 0.05.

test.xaml (8.1 KB)

Firoz Rangrez

Hey @Muneer_Alrashdan ,

You can use the below method

double value = 3.14159;
double roundedValue = Math.Round(value / 0.05) * 0.05;

where value is the number which you want to do Round off


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