Regex pattern to remove any html code from a data

Sure, which testing tool do you use

I am using regex101

hey, your regex worked, thanks but one problem when I tested it out.

I was doing tests and it help up pretty well, but I noticed that if I add a space and then add a HTML code then the validation doesn’t work, do you know why?

as you can see in the screenshots, for the others it said like this

@Fahad_Sheji Great. Only the space issue is not handling. Let me check


Here you can see its working fine in adding space. I think so you are talking about.
New line

@Fahad_Sheji I got it …its giving issue when we add a new line.

Yeah basically when I add a new line the code doesn’t work, what can we do to overcome that?

@Fahad_Sheji Yes. Its not valid for new line, basically its taking single line. I am trying to modify

Yeah that’s what was happening, thanks for helping me out with this Raja

@Fahad_Sheji Try this one

@Fahad_Sheji please mark solution if your problem solved so that others can get help from it.

Thanks for your help, really appreciate it

@Fahad_Sheji Welcome. Happy Learning and Thanks for appreciation.

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