Reading Only Cells which contain Values

Hi All,

I’m carrying out a Read Range which outputs into a Data table. I’m then querying this Data Table later on using for each row in the sequence which is very slow.

I think it’s because I’m inputting a lot of blank data into the relevant DT. I have my Read Range set to “A1:L500” however there is only data in around 53 of these rows (It can vary each time which is why I set it to 500).

Is there a way to set the read range to look for the last row and only read up until that point please?



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How about filtering the datatable?

You can filter it by

You can filter out rows which a certain cell is null.
This doesn’t take much, in a few seconds UiPath will get filtered data.

Note that this returns an array of DataRows, so you cannot use For Each Row but you can use For Each activity to iterate processes.


Try not to give any range while using Read range activity.