Reading Attachment heading in gmail

how to read attachment name without downloading attachment in gmail.
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Have a view on this thread for sample workflow

For steps

  1. Use get outlook mail activity and get all the mails you want with a variable of type mailmessage collections and name it as out_mailmessage
  2. Use a for each loop and pass the above variable as input and change the type argument as mailmessage
  3. inside the for each loop use a assign activity like this to get the name of the file attached (with file extension)
    out_attachmentName = CType(item.Attachments.FirstOrDefault, Attachment).Name
    this would give the name of file with extension that is attached to the mail list, where item is the variable obtained from the for each loop

Cheers @Vanitha_Agamin

Hi @Vanitha_Agamin

Have a look on the thread


Thank you, I will check with this solution

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Thank You all, It worked fine for me

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Glad it got resolved @Vanitha_Agamin

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