Need to extract data from textfile


I need to extract “99864060” from attached text file.
please help me.
TextFile.txt (204.7 KB)


Is there any rule or fixed string to get your target string?


its a fixed string. There is no rule.

Hello @shruthi_arali

Can you tell us more about the number?

  • Length?
  • Always at the end of line?
  • What is consistent around it?

Its a PO Number. It is displayed under PO Number. Length is constant.


How about the following expression? This extract numeric characters which exists at the end of the next line of “PO NUMBER” (Because I guess it’s PO NUMBER)

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(strData,"(?<=PO NUMBER[\s\S]+?)\d+(?=\r?\n|$)").Value (14.4 KB)


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Thank you @Yoichi:slight_smile:

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