Merging file issue

Hi, I have multiple folder, in each folder I have files with name like Jan, Feb, March and so on.

My folder name is Like
123 - > Jan.xlsx , feb.xlsx and so on…

same for all folder.

Now I want to read all files of each folder and create new with the folder name
Like 123.xlsx and merge all the folder 123 file in diff - 2 sheet with the file name only.
like sheet name should be jan | feb | march so on.

Note: I don’t want to store the data in a read range then use write ranger, bcz I have data in a template format with heahder if I do like this it’s removes all the headers only give me the data.

so can you suggest me how can I copy the full sheet data into another sheet…

@Palaniyappan @indra @Lahiru.Fernando


Hello @balkishan

Sorry I couldn’t reply to you earlier… Was crazy busy today

For your question… try this… It has a copy sheet activity which you can use


here are two bro, 1st Copy to file and 2nd Copy to workbook.


Thanks very much Lahiru & Bala. It resolved the issue. These activity are really very useful. :slight_smile:

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