Make .rar files in one folder to

Good day,

I am working for some weeks with UiPath.
I would like to create a robot that goes throw a file where are a huge amount of .rar files.
It should make with the program 7zip these .rar files to files.
Could someone provide me a code?

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.
Many thanks, in advance.

Did we check with this thread buddy

Cheers @artem1


Many thanks for the support.
I have this error here:

This is my code:
Zipmaker.xaml (9.7 KB)

did we try with this method buddy



I have to include the activities right?
How do I do it?

yah go to Design tab → Manage Packages → in Community tab → search as

Cheers @artem1


I don´t have the community tab.

Kindly search in All Packages option

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I installed the activities but now I get this error:

Copy this path and paste in your file explorer and check whether it is taking us to that folder
If this folder path is correct it will go or it will not
By that way we can validate this
Cheers @artem1

This is not even my Path… it is from the path from the downloaded program. And I can´t find where I can change it.

I found it in the variables.
But to where I have to change it?

Fine buddy
Before we make changes are we able to find the error along the path manually On just seeing it

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If I execute the Zipmaker with these parameters:

The Zipmaker opens this program:

And gives me just the strings back from the entrys of the folder: